Predict and prevent

Watcherr is a proactive monitoring and distress system, specifically developed to help people in distress and to improve staff efficiency in both emergency and non-emergency situations.

As a specialist in healthcare we support the WHO guidelines to aid in the fight against COVID-19.

Our ecosystem

We’re proud to be working with a network of well-established, knowledgeable and trustworthy organisations to help bring a much-needed monitoring and distress system to the market.

Why Watcherr?

Thanks to our ability to continuously monitor residents, our indoor-outdoor location tracking and our advanced algorithms, data analytics, deep machine learning, artificial intelligence and data mining… many of the most common daily activities can be monitored and result in valuable informative trends and insights such as sleeping patterns, toilet visits, social activity, and physical activity.

We provide instantaneous alerts and proactively inform healthcare professionals about a resident’s early stage health risks such as: potential fall risk, depression, dementia, malnutrition, and cardiac, urinary and gastroenterological problems.

It is also possible to track residents, staff, visitors and equipment to increase operations efficiency and fight COVID-19 due to being able to track where exactly people met with each other for the last 14 days.

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Detection of unusual (health) patterns*
Fall detection
Location tracking (indoor & outdoor)
Voice communication
Battery life up to 2 weeks
Monitoring of heart rate*
Step counter
Distress / Cancel button
Wireless charging
Charge battery while wearing

* Heart rate monitoring will be used in medical trials first

How it works

Continuous monitoring

Continuous monitoring

Watcherr continuously checks the heart rate* and launches an automatic distress signal when it deviates from standard patterns, when a fall is detected, when a geo-fencing area is breached, or when a lack of skin contact is detected.

* Heart rate monitoring will be used in medical trials first

Combination indoor / outdoor tracking

We provide the ability to track and trace equipment, personnel, and residents / patients inside the building or outside.

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Customizable software

Customizable software with data analytics

Thanks to complex algorithms and data analytics, we provide several solutions to increase profits and quality, including providing preventive measures to reduce incidents such as fall prevention/detection.


Watcherr might just be the perfect solution for you if you’re looking to improve or implement:

Resident/patient protection

Detect unusual behavior patterns to prevent health risks of residents/patients

Staff efficiency

Increase the efficiency of your personnel/logistics

Track and tracing

Locate your residents/patients, personnel and equipment situated indoors and outdoors

Distress system quality

Increase the quality of your distress system

Economical benefits

Benefit economically while enhancing the quality of your operations

Watcherr could be the difference between life or death

The story behind Watcherr

The founder, Nikolai Stevens, was in charge of the distress system of a residence of 60 assistance flats day and night.

As a nurse, Nikolai’s main focus was the wellbeing of the residents. Regrettably he experienced too many shortcomings in the distress systems currently available on the market:

  • A resident fell down in the parking lot of the residence and couldn’t get up. She was wearing a mobile button which she pressed to send out a distress signal, but the signal couldn’t reach her apartment due to lack of range. It took 2 hours to discover where she was.
  • A resident suffered a cardiac arrest while Nikolai was giving aid to another resident in another room only 15 metres away. Due to being in shock, the resident couldn’t press the distress button. She passed away.

It was on that day that we decided to create a reliable, monitoring and distress system that eliminates all of these problems based on field experience of nurses and doctors.


When can I get a demo of the Watcherr?

We are currently doing demos for interested parties, if you would like a presentation and demo of our solution, contact us below.

When can you install this in my residence, hospital, etc.?

The Watcherr will be available to early adopter clients in the first half of 2020, with mass availability expected from June 2020. Contact us if you would like to be one of the first to have our solution installed and operational.

What exactly can I track and trace?

It is possible to track the residents/patients/personnel/visitors in the residence/hospital, both indoor and outdoor. Equipment such as wheelchairs, blood pressure monitors, nursing carts, nursery equipment, etc. can also be tracked.

Can the Watcherr detect blood pressure?

In addition to the heart rate detection, we are currently developing the ability to measure the following parameters: blood pressure, ECG, temperature, and saturation level.

How much does the Watcherr cost?

In order to provide an accurate quote for the Watcherrs, complementary products and systems, we will first need to visit the residence/hospital and discuss your requirements and needs.

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