Watcherr: A health monitoring system

Watcherr is an AI health business solution for senior homes, residences and others. It is a wearable health monitoring solution with a nurse calling system which is integrated with data insights. The solution provides a full view of the residents’ state of health in order to prevent and detect health emergencies.

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What is Watcherr?

Watcherr has a nurse call system which is integrated with data insights in order to prevent and detect health emergencies. Some features of the advanced tech solution include: fall detection, indoor and outdoor location tracking, heart rate monitoring, data insights such as eating and sleeping patterns and voice communication.

At the forefront of innovation

Our monitoring and distress system makes use of data algorithms to be able to predict and prevent health irregularities. The system is proactive rather than reactive and this provides peace-of-mind to both residents and staff that potential critical incidents can be preempted.

Well-established medical and technological partners

We’re proud to be working with a network of well-established, knowledgeable doctors, professionals and trustworthy organisations to bring a high-tech monitoring distress system to the market. The system can detect a range of irregular health patterns, and our collaboration with a variety of medical entities brings in expertise to narrow the gap between healthcare and technology.

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