Watcherr will save the lives of loved ones.

Watcherr will become a next generation wearable medical device specifically developed to help people in distress and improve staff efficiency in a medical emergency situation.


the year of Watcherr’s market release

± 8%

the chances of surviving a cardiac arrest without the use of Watcherr


the number of lives saved every day due to voluntary work

How does Watcherr work?


Continuous monitoring

Watcherr continuously checks the heart rate, and detects if the wearer falls or wanders outside of a predetermined area (geo-fencing).

Automatic or manual launch of distress signal

Watcherr will automatically launch a distress signal when it detects a life-threatening condition, detects a fall or when the wearer leaves a predetermined area (optional). The wearer can also manually press the distress button whenever they feel necessary.

Healthcare provider, voluntary network & emergency services notified

When the distress signal is launched, the healthcare provider immediately receives the location of the person in distress and is able to start a conversation via the Watcherr device. If a life-threatening condition is detected, the emergency services and voluntary network are automatically and immediately notified, and will also receive the wearer's exact location so that they can intervene as fast as possible.

Ability to cancel distress signal

The distress signal can be cancelled by the wearer via the cancel button on the Watcherr device or remotely via the healthcare provider.

Why Watcherr?

Watcherr saves the lives of loved ones thanks to a unique set of features unlike any other product on the market. These enable us to co-ordinate a faster emergency response with the help of a voluntary network.

Detection of life-threatening conditions
Fall detection
Location tracking (indoor & outdoor)
Voice communication
Battery life up to 2 weeks
Step counter
Distress / Cancel button
Magnetic charging point

How can Watcherr help you?

At Watcherr we pride ourselves in being able to support businesses and individuals alike. Find out more about how exactly we can help your business by clicking below.

Watcherr for businesses

Our ecosystem

We’re proud to be working with a network of well-established, knowledgeable and trustworthy organisations to help bring a much-needed medical device to the market.

The story behind Watcherr

The founder, Nikolai Stevens, was in charge of the distress system of a residence of 60 assistance flats day and night.

As a nurse, Nikolai’s main focus was the wellbeing of the residents. Regrettably he experienced too many shortcomings in the distress systems currently available on the market:

  • A resident fell down in the parking lot of the residence and couldn’t get up. She was wearing a mobile button which she pressed to send out a distress signal, but the signal couldn’t reach her apartment due to lack of range. It took 2 hours to discover where she was.
  • A resident suffered a cardiac arrest while Nikolai was giving aid to another resident in another room only 15 metres away. Due to being in shock, the resident couldn’t press the distress button. She passed away.

It was on that day that we decided to create a reliable, medical certified distress system that eliminates all of these problems based on field experience of nurses and doctors.

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