About Watcherr

What is Watcherr?

Watcherr is an automated distress system, providing AI and SaaS to nursing homes, hospitals and people at home through an integrated plug-and-play system of software and third party devices.

The system continuously monitors the user to identify irregular (health) patterns to predict, notify and mitigate emergency situations. Should these patterns fall below pre-determined levels, an alert system is activated notifying a healthcare provider in the vicinity.

Watcherr differentiates itself from other competitors in the market since it provides automated alerts to healthcare providers. Our software is a combination of continuous monitoring both inside and outside the building (hospital, elderly residences, people at home) and it can also detect activities of daily living such as eating, drinking, combing hair, brushing teeth, walking and floor mopping. Combining these variables gives us valuable data in order to unravel the blackbox in health care – insights into what a patient/resident is really doing. We aim to discover and medically certify our software to be able to predict these things.

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Detection of unusual (health) patterns
Heart rate monitor
Fall detection
Wrist movement
SpO2 monitor
In/Outdoor tracking
Charge on-the-go
Voice communication
Nurse call system
Users’ activities

Benefits for healthcare providers in senior homes and residences

Instantaneous Care
Immediate access to patient care file
Insights into care and work schedules
Direct and immediate contact with users
Aggression alert

Benefits for users

Automatic and manual alerts
Works indoors and outdoors
Provides continuous monitoring of patterns
Gives peace-of-mind
Direct and immediate contact to care providers

The story behind Watcherr

Watcherr was created based on experiences which founder and nurse by profession, Nikolai Stevens, witnessed during his career in hospitals and senior residences.

During his time at his own residential homes which he founded in 2013, Nikolai saw several shortcomings with the current distress systems. Such systems were unable to detect irregular heart rates and health patterns, and were unable to detect falls which occurred both inside and outside residences and were often critical in nature. It was this gap in the market which spurred Nikolai on to develop the concept of Watcherr.

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