About Watcherr

What is Watcherr?

Watcherr is an AI health business solution for senior homes, residences and others. It has a nurse call system which is integrated with data insights to provide a full view of the user’s state of health in order to prevent and detect health emergencies. Some features of the advanced tech solution include: fall detection, indoor and outdoor location tracking, heart rate monitoring, data insights such as eating and sleeping patterns and voice communication.

When a potential health critical event has been detected or an irregular health pattern has been identified in real-time, the Watcherr system sends an instant alert to healthcare professionals via the Watcherr Mobile App. The alert contains information about a user’s early stage health risks and location, allowing the healthcare worker to tend to the user immediately, thus reducing the impact of potential critical incidents.

Watcherr can also assist in the fight against COVID-19 in senior homes and residences. Residents, patients, staff, visitors and equipment can be located – the device is sensitive enough to know the precise location where people met in the last 14 days.

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Detection of unusual (health) patterns
Heart rate monitor
Fall detection
Wrist movement
SpO2 monitor
In/Outdoor tracking
Voice communication
Nurse call system
Users’ activities

Benefits for staff in senior homes and residences

Facilitates administration

Increase the efficiency of your personnel and logistics

Insights into workflows

Data on alerts and equipment provides insights into work efficiencies

Longer resident stays

Maintaining residents’ health results in longer stays

Proximity to resident

Resident information via the Mobile App allows staff to tend to residents quicker

Benefits for residents in senior homes and residences

Automatic alerts

During a potential critical health event, an alert is automatically launched to staff

Health insights

Obtain information on irregular health patterns to minimise risks to residents/patients


Residents and relatives enjoy peace-of-mind with health monitoring of loved ones

Proximity to staff

Staff is immediately informed of a resident’s location once an alert is launched

The story behind Watcherr

Watcherr was created based on experiences which founder and nurse by profession, Nikolai Stevens, witnessed during his career in hospitals and senior residences.

During his time at his own residential homes which he founded in 2013, Nikolai saw several shortcomings with the current distress systems. Such systems were unable to detect irregular heart rates and health patterns, and were unable to detect falls which occurred both inside and outside residences and were often critical in nature. It was this gap in the market which spurred Nikolai on to develop the concept of Watcherr.

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