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What is Watcherr?

Watcherr provides a plug-and-play health distress system using Bluetooth and mobile technology for a variety of industries.

The system continuously monitors the user and triggers an alert via its mobile application when an irregular pattern/activity has been detected.

Features such as location tracking and geofencing (indoors and outdoors), voice communication, and heart rate monitoring are combined in one waterproof wearable device that can be charged on the go.

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What is the Watcherr System?

watcherr proWatcherr Pro

The Watcherr Pro needs to be worn on the dominant hand. It is water resistant, and provides vital information about a user’s health patterns. This information is then uploaded onto the Watcherr data system in real-time, keeping care providers updated about the status of a user’s health whenever it is required.

watcherr liteWatcherr Lite

Watcherr Lite sends an alert when the button located on the device itself is manually pressed. When this occurs, data such as the user ID and their location within the facility is sent to the care provider.

Watcherr Lite functions in the same way as a classic nurse calling system, but with the added benefits of location tracking when an alert takes place and waterproofness.

watcherr buttonWatcherr Button

Watcherr Button is a wall-mounted alarm button. The fixed alarm button is a legal requirement for various facilities. It works on BLE technology and has a battery life of several years. In this way it is also permanently connected to the Watcherr system and functions as a classic fixed call point.

An added benefit of the Watcherr Button is that it is a wireless device.

watcherr gatewayWatcherr Beacon & Watcherr Gateway

These ensure that the signals from the Watcherr devices are received and forwarded to the server.

They will be installed across the facility to ensure accurate tracking of the Watcherr devices via bluetooth (BLE) technology.


Released Features

In/Outdoor tracking
Voice communication
Heart rate monitor

Features in Development

Fall detection
SpO2 monitor
Activity Movements


The call system is working well, and both the residents and the staff are very happy with it. It was installed in a relatively short time, which we really appreciate.


I’ve had it on for a few weeks and it’s already helped me twice when I fell. An alarm goes off and the nurse comes to help me.


We were looking for something that was more than just a paging system. This will not replace staff, but will allow us to keep a closer eye on certain things and will allow for more human contact with our residents, which is extremely important to us.


CuraCare Residence Testimonial

Z Plus and Watcherr are working together to provide independent living in a safe way.

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