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Integrating artificial intelligence and healthcare has great potential. According to multinational firm PwC, AI assists healthcare workers in understanding patients’ day-to-day patterns. With this additional support, people working within the healthcare industry are better able to care for those who need it the most.

The Watcherr monitoring distress system is a wearable solution which integrates healthtech and artificial intelligence. Backed by a team of medical professionals who have provided their input based on empirical data and medical experience, the system is an ideal solution for hospitals and residential homes.

The Watcherr monitoring and distress system

Watcherr is a proactive medical monitoring and distress system. It has been developed to help people in distress and to improve staff efficiency in both emergency and non-emergency situations. Thanks to its ability to continuously monitor residents and its indoor-outdoor location tracking, many of the most common daily activities of residents and patients can be monitored. This results in valuable informative trends and insights such as sleeping patterns, toilet visits, social activity, and physical activity. The system also provides instantaneous alerts and proactively informs healthcare professionals about early stage health risks such as: potential fall risk, depression, dementia, malnutrition, cardiac, urinary and gastroenterological problems. It is also possible to track residents, staff, visitors and equipment to increase operations efficiency and fight COVID-19 due to being able to track where exactly people met with each other in the last 14 days.

A tailor-made solution for hospitals and homes

Watcherr offers a tailor-made solution to suit the needs and requirements of hospitals and residential homes. The distress system can be upscaled or downscaled to suit the needs of the health premises. The system can also be set in a variety of languages such as: English, Dutch, French and German.

Artificial intelligence and data algorithms

AI has become an important part of health care. According to Healthcare IT News the way the healthcare industry collects information for medical records is error-prone, where 30% of medical errors are causing more than 500,000 deaths per year. With these statistics, machine-learning is vital to reduce such errors. Through advice from medical expertise, the Watcherr Distress System has integrated data algorithms and artificial intelligence in its monitoring system. Information on patients and residents such as activities of daily living and physiological patterns are stored and any irregularities can be detected during the early stages of potential problems. It also has the capability of storing contact information of the user with others for up to 14 days.

Fall detection and irregular heart patterns

Patient safety is vital and injury from a fall is a common recurrence in hospitals and residential homes and can often lead to serious complications. This is why Watcherr has an integrated fall detection system within its wearable technology. If a user falls and remains on the ground, a distress call is automatically activated, and the nearest healthcare worker will be alerted. Watcherr also has a configurable heartbeat monitoring system which sets off an alarm to the nearest healthcare worker should the monitor register a heartbeat below or above a pre-configured threshold. In this way, any heart-related emergency situation can be detected early on.

Monitoring of daily activities

Through the use of the latest health technologies, the Watcherr distress system can monitor daily activities such as sleeping, eating and bathroom patterns. By gathering information on these physiological daily patterns, irregular health patterns can be detected in an early stage. Data on daily activities is accessible to staff members, family or the user through the Watcherr dashboard.

Get the latest health technology

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Some statements are subject to clinical trials and are not commercially available yet. We are demonstrating our systems on 14-17 November 2022 at the Medica Trade Fair (Düsseldorf, Germany) event.

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