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Carina Borg - Head of Marketing
Carina Borg – Head of Marketing

What is your role at Watcherr?
I am the Head of Marketing where I handle Watcherr’s overall marketing strategy and I am also responsible for all the content and digital marketing activities. I lead the marketing department which includes an events and marketing team, and a design team that creates the artwork for online and print advertising, the website, and the Watcherr mobile and web app.

What captivated you most about Watcherr?
Watcherr is young, dynamic and the product is so innovative! This technological innovation can have a massive impact on the healthcare industry and it is very exciting to be a part of this.

Today you run your own company, CB Content Creators, did you always know that you wanted to work within the field of Marketing?
I studied Marketing at Intermediate level in Sixth Form and I was immediately drawn to it. I then began my university studies by studying psychology, and switched to media communications which opened the door to the more creative side of marketing.

What was your first job?
I started out as a marketing coordinator for a non-profit organisation, and soon after that began working at The Sunday Times of Malta as a sub editor. I was in my early twenties at the time and I found that although I loved working on newspapers, my real passion was marketing.

Where did you ultimately gain your knowledge and experience?
My love for newspapers continues until today, and it was in fact whilst reading the paper that I came across a call for a marketing role with Vodafone Malta. I applied for the job and I got it, and that’s where I spent the subsequent decade. It was the ideal environment for me as it was ever-changing and dynamic, and suited my aptitude for challenges.

How did you move within the company and what skills did you attain?
Marketing is everything in telecommunications, and I occupied various positions that allowed me to gain all-round experience, from research to product development, financial analysis and go-to-market, through to team management. Furthermore, it being an international company implied a certain level of quality across the board, and liaising with other employees across the region.

What is the essence of marketing?
The ultimate goal is to close a sale, that’s the bottom line, and a sale is a number. Brand awareness, credibility, digital marketing activities and events all combine and trickle down to a numerical value.

When did you take that leap of faith and start your own company?
After almost a decade at Vodafone I felt ready to start my own business, using the skills I had obtained to continue evolving across diverse industries. This would also allow more flexibility, and a change from the 9 to 5 routine. Besides, you have to take risks or you get stuck in the same role, with the same company!

How long did it take for you to set up CB Creators?
I went straight into it and started building the business right away with some contacts I had made along the years. At CB Creators we focus on managing content, PR, events and digital marketing for several clients, one of which is Watcherr.

When did you join Watcherr and how has your role evolved?
I started out as a digital marketing freelancer in 2020, and soon realised that no one really knew the extent of my marketing expertise, so I began to make recommendations and before I knew it, I was assigned the role of Head of Marketing.

How does your role at Watcherr differ from your past employment?
I joined Watcherr at the early stages of the start-up so I’ve seen the business transform – and it has been incredibly satisfying to see the business and the team evolve. I have the vision of knowing where it can go, and everything we do is to ensure we get there. With start-ups nothing is in place, your Linkedin page has zero followers, your website traffic is low and you’re new to the market so you have to do the leg work where other companies are already established. This actually makes the work harder but more exciting and challenging.

What does 2022 look like?
Watcherr’s health tech system is evolving and improvements are constantly being made to keep it cutting-edge. There’s more structure and resources within the company and we have also begun implementing forward-planning strategies across the various departments. We have a clear vision and goals, and all the strategies to back us up.

What are the challenges you face?
It is the first wearable monitoring device seeking medical certification. The healthcare industry is vast – there’s strong competition, so the technology has to be cutting edge, and this is something the team works very hard to achieve. It is an important differentiation factor.

What do you believe is key for the team to achieve its goals?
We are an international team of highly skilled individuals working remotely. The CEO is tech savvy and he embraces this new way of working. He’s open to new ideas and doesn’t stifle anyone, this creates openness and productivity amongst the whole team.

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