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With several health distress systems on the market, hospitals and residences have been finding difficulty in knowing which system on the market is the right one for their staff and residents’ needs. Through the use of cutting-edge technology, the Watcherr device sets itself apart from other similar systems.

Watcherr is a proactive health monitoring and distress system developed to help people in distress and to improve staff efficiency in senior homes and hospitals. It is a waterproof health monitoring system in Europe which offers both indoor and and outdoor location tracking – so you have peace of mind that wherever your resident or patient might be, they can be monitored and protected.

Proactively monitor heart rates

According to the Belgian Heart Association approximately 10,000 people in Belgium die from cardiac arrest each year. This figure can be drastically reduced if care homes and hospitals are equipped with detection systems. “By monitoring the heart rate continuously, we can detect deviations in the heart rate and notify the healthcare providers rapidly”, said Watcherr CEO Nikolai Stevens. “Due to this monitoring we increase the quality of life of the Watcherr users” he continued.

Predict and prevent

With Belgium having one of the highest rates of contagion of COVID-19 around Europe, it is vital that residents in care homes and hospitals are protected from diseases. Watcherr makes use of the latest technologies in geo-fencing, to continuously monitor residents’ indoor and outdoor location – a spec that is not available with any other health distress system available in Belgium. The device is also sensitive enough to track the precise location where people met in the last 14 days and can be applied to equipment such wheelchairs, blood pressure monitors and other nursing equipment.

Track daily activities

It is essential to keep track of residents’ daily activities such as sleeping patterns, toilet activities, and social and physical activity. This can prevent health problems such as diabetes, depression, dementia and malnutrition, amongst others. Watcherr’s tracking of daily activities in translated into data which provides key insights on potential health vulnerabilities. This keeps patients and residents safe and decreases the risks of undetected health problems.

Powerful battery life

Unlike other health devices, the Watcherr device only requires charging after two weeks, compared to other similar products on the market which need charging on a weekly basis. Charging is simple and can be done wirelessly, or from charging stations around hospitals or residential homes – it can even be worn as it is charging, so data is continuously gathered without interruption.

Improve staff efficiency

By making use of the Watcherr device to monitor and alert irregular patterns in physiological and emotional behaviours, hospital and residential staff are freed up to work on other important care duties.

Customizable software

With robust data analytics and complex algorithms, customizable solutions can be created. These solutions serve as a platform to provide preventative measures such as fall prevention. A customized solution can also help increase hospital and residential home profits and improve overall service quality.

Invest and benefit from Watcherr

Through the use of cutting-edge technology, Watcherr sets itself apart from other competitors on the market. For further information contact us.

Some statements are subject to clinical trials and are not commercially available yet. We are demonstrating our systems on 14-17 November 2022 at the Medica Trade Fair (Düsseldorf, Germany) event.

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This website uses cookies in order to improve and customize your browsing experience and for analytics and metrics about our visitors both on our website and other media.