Watcherr for businesses

If you’re wondering how to:

  • Protect your residents/patients in (non-) life threatening conditions
  • Increase the efficiency of your personnel
  • Locate your residents/patients, personnel and equipment situated indoors and outdoors
  • Increase the quality of your distress system
  • Benefit economically while enhancing the quality of your operations

Then Watcherr might just be the perfect solution for you. Discover more about the Watcherr eco-system below.

The traditional problem

No continuous monitoring of unexpected life threatening conditions

Lack of continuous monitoring of cardiac arrest, drowning, choking and electrocution

Slow aid in an emergency

Critical medical attention takes too long when life threatening conditions appear

Low range of distress signal

The signal range when seeking medical attention is too weak, both inside the building and outdoors

Lack of data analytics

Challenging to optimise the efficiency of systems, personnel and quality, and make more profit

Combination indoor/outdoor tracking

Inability to track where patients/residents/co-workers are situated at any given moment or when a distress situation occurs

Watcherr could be the difference between life or death

The Watcherr solution

Continuous monitoring

Watcherr provides an automated distress signal in life-threatening conditions, and when a fall is detected, a geo-fencing area is breached, or a lack of skin contact is detected

Immediate medical attention

Watcherr’s immediate notification system allows healthcare providers, emergency services and the voluntary network to provide aid more quickly

Wide range of distress signal

The distress/tracking system provides full coverage inside of the building and outside by using different but complementary technologies

Customisable software with data analytics

Thanks to complex algorithms and data analytics, we provide several solutions to increase profits and quality, and provide preventive measures to reduce incidents such as falls

Combination indoor/outdoor tracking

We provide the ability to track and trace equipment, personnel, and residents/patients inside the building or outside


When can I get a demo of the Watcherr?

We are currently doing demos for interested parties, if you would like a presentation and demo of our solution, contact us below.

When can you install this in my residence, hospital, etc.?

The Watcherr will be available to early adopter clients in the first half of 2020, with mass availability expected from June 2020. Contact us if you would like to be one of the first to have our solution installed and operational.

What exactly can I track and trace?

It is possible to track the residents/patients/personnel in the residence/hospital, both indoor and outdoor. Equipment such as wheelchairs, blood pressure monitors, nursing carts, nursery equipment, etc. can also be tracked.

Can the Watcherr detect blood pressure?

Next to the heart rate detection, we are currently developing the ability to measure the following parameters: blood pressure, ECG, temperature, and saturation level.

How much does the Watcherr cost?

In order to provide an accurate quote for the Watcherrs, complementary products and systems, we will first need to visit the residence/hospital and discuss your requirements and needs.

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