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Solution Features

Automatic geofencing alert

Two-way calls

Waterproof IP68

Manual alerts - button press




Works indoors and outdoors

Indoor location tracking



Multiple strap options

About Watcherr

What is Watcherr?

Watcherr is a remote monitoring distress solution using wireless connectivity and mobile technology with indoor and outdoor location tracking, and geolocation

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Our AlertSolution

Manual Alerts

The manual alert allow patients to reach out when they are in need. Patients are able to trigger an alert manually through the solution’s waterproof wearable device to request assistance in emergencies.

Care providers receive the alerts and get to know the patient’s location the minute an alert is created.
Geofencing app screen
Manual Mobile App and Watcherr Pro

Automatic Alerts

Our automatic solution triggers an alert when patients exit predefined locations. This is especially applicable for patients with dementia. Our automated feature enhances safety, especially in cases where the patient is unable to activate the alert manually.

Care providers receive the alerts and get to know the patient’s location the minute an alert is created.

Our AlertSoftware

Watcherr MobileApplication

The Watcherr mobile application can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store or from Apple’s App Store. Care providers are able to receive alerts through the mobile app. Here, they can also view the patient’s location.

Activity Dashboard screen

Watcherr WebApplication

The web app allows care providers and the patient’s management team to view alerts, who responded to alerts, and where the patient is spending most of his day. Through the web app, you can also customise settings such as selecting predefined location zones which patients are allowed in, and locations where patients are unable to go to.

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The WatcherrDevices

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