We care for your safety, so you can live independently

What is Watcherr

Live independently at home with round-the-clock safety assurance.

Our care and safety solution provides peace-of-mind that you and your relatives are safe while continuing to live at home.

Watcherr is linked to the leading care centre, Z-Plus. If you require assistance, the healthcare professionals at Z-Plus will respond to your call. They will then assess whether care and support services need to be activated.

How it Works

The Watcherr care and security solution is continuously available to the user and sends an alert when an alarm is triggered manually or automatically.

When you are in need of help, your call will be handled by an external alarm central, such as Z-Plus.

The geofencing feature launches an automatic alert if the user leaves a predetermined area. (For example, the user leaves the house/wanders too far from home)

Features such as location tracking, geofencing and voice communication are combined into one waterproof wearable device that can be charged on the go.

Our Solution

watcherr proWatcherr Pro

The Watcherr Pro is a water resistant smartwatch that works both indoors and outdoors and can be charged on the go. It allows users to manually trigger an alert to the emergency care centre. It can also be triggered automatically when the user exits a pre-determined location.

watcherr liteWatcherr Lite

Watcherr Lite sends an alert to the care centre through bluetooth when the button is pressed.

Watcherr Lite is waterproof and functions in the same way as a classical indoor personal alarm system, but with the added benefits of location tracking.

watcherr buttonWatcherr Button

Watcherr Button is a manual wall-mounted alarm. It works with Bluetooth technology and is permanently connected to the Watcherr system.

An added benefit of the Watcherr Button is that it is a wireless device with a battery life of several years.

watcherr gatewayWatcherr Beacon & Watcherr Gateway

These ensure that the indoor signals from the Watcherr devices are received and forwarded, enabling full connectivity.

Privacy and Security

We are GDPR compliant. We go above and beyond to ensure data is stored safely and securely.