How it works

Watcherr is an automated distress system which continuously monitors the user to identify irregular (health) patterns to predict, notify and mitigate emergency situations.

Should these patterns fall below pre-determined levels, an alert system is activated notifying a healthcare provider in the vicinity.
The Watcherr software is a combination of continuous monitoring (which works both indoors and outdoors), and the detection of activities of daily living such as eating, drinking, combing hair, brushing teeth, walking and floor mopping. Combining these variables provides valuable data in order to unravel the blackbox in health care – insights into what a patient/resident is really doing.

The Watcherr distress system can also function as a basic nurse call system where if a user needs assistance, the user can manually send an alert by pressing the button on the Watcherr wearable device.

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring

Watcherr continuously monitors health patterns such as heart rate, SPO2, eating and sleeping patterns, bathroom visits, social activities and many more. If any deviations from the user’s normal patterns are detected, an automatic alert is sent to the healthcare worker’s Watcherr Mobile App on their smartphone. An automatic alert is also triggered if the user suffers a fall, leaves a predetermined area and wanders outside the vicinity, or if the Watcherr is removed from the user’s wrist.

Critical emergencies will never be missed

Once an alert is launched, the sound will continue to ring via the Watcherr Mobile App on the healthcare provider’s smartphone and no emergencies will be missed.

Customizable software

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Software as a Service (SaaS)

The Watcherr software combines continuous monitoring with information on activities of daily living. The system is able to provide specific intel on health patterns through the use of complex algorithms and data analytics. The solution is beneficial to both users and care providers as it assists with instantaneous care, immediate access to patient care file, insights into care and work schedules, and direct and immediate contact between the user and the care provider.

Indoor and outdoor tracking

We provide the ability to track and trace equipment, personnel, and users inside the building or outside.

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Aggression Alert

Aggression in health care is more common than you think – both against staff members, and against patients and users. The speed of intervention during such situations could limit the damage caused. The Watcherr Pro is versatile and can be used for both staff and users. The system automatically launches alerts during an act of aggression to the onsite healthcare team. The alert notification will be visible via the Watcherr Mobile App and will contain information such as who the aggressor is and their location for a swift response. In this way, healthcare providers on site can immediately provide assistance at any time, thus minimising the impact of aggressive incidents on both staff and patients.

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