How It Works

The Watcherr system sends instantaneous alerts to healthcare professionals with information about a resident’s early stage health risks such as: potential fall risk, deviations in sleeping patterns, urinary and gastroenterological problems…

Watcherr can also assist in the fight against COVID-19. Residents, staff, visitors and equipment can be tracked – the device is sensitive enough to track the precise location where people met in the last 14 days.

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Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring

Watcherr continuously checks the heart rate and launches an automatic distress signal when it deviates from standard patterns, when a fall is detected, when a geo-fencing area is breached, or when a lack of skin contact is detected.

Combination indoor / outdoor tracking

We provide the ability to track and trace equipment, personnel, and residents / patients inside the building or outside.

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Customizable software

Customizable software with data analytics

Thanks to complex algorithms and data analytics, we provide several solutions to increase profits and quality, including providing preventive measures to reduce incidents, for example by detecting/preventing falls.

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